Lost Dreams

I don’t know why I put the title of my blog “a young economist’s blog”, first of all, I have a strong opinion about economics research and social science in general (feel free to check out my previous post on Rethink Social Science here); second, I have decided not to start a career in academia or in a research institute although I do like to get my papers published. I heard it can be a bad indicator to school if I changed my mind and wanted to pursue a tenure professorship later on in life, unless I did exceptionally well in a particular industry that favors the teaching and research of this university. I understand the challenges, and the different orientations between academia and industries. Anything can be hard, what matters more is whether it is worthy pursuing. Personally, I see teaching as a non-profit activity, and research a personal interest. I do not grasp the concept well how to make a living out of what seems to me a charity and partially, a hobbit. I love research by nature and I wish and probably will do it for life. I believe it is probably optimal to keep my motive pure instead of being pressured by time and money when it comes to searching for the truth.

What do I like to do for a living? That’s an interesting question. I consider myself extremely fortunate to even have a clue at this age. I doubt Einstein had a clear answer to why he worked at a patent office before inventing something trillion times greater. But why not, after all, it all comes down to a paycheck right? Living for a paycheck? I beg to differ.

Maybe I think differently from most, but have you been a child before? What’s your wildest childhood dream? Did you take actions to make it come true now that you are a grownup? Oh, if it doesn’t matter to you anymore, then what are you dreaming now? It was interesting to see how we replace our dream with everyone else’s dream – dreaming about having what someone else has. 🙂 I doubt that type of dream is original or valuable in any ways. I call it a universal dream, and it spells like G-R-E-E-D. It was a joke. But you get the point. I think we all can do better than exchanging something original and valuable with something that’s not. 🙂

Ph.D. in Economics with interests in Life Science, Behavioral Science, Health Economics Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment. Executive MBA student at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in Hong Kong, graduating in 2020.

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