A New Beginning

It has been three weeks since I started my new job. Yeah, thank God for providing for me at the time when I literally had no other way out. Some of my friends were surprised how much peace and hope I had during the last a few months when my situation was twice as stressful as most other PhDs’. I had not only financial but legal constraints also being an international student here in the US. I was confident however, that I’ll be able to find a job within the city I’m at. It was unthinkable to most students who were in my shoes, if not stupidly insane. I have to admit that sometimes I had a different view on risk than many others.

What turned out even crazier was that I actually like my job! Not only that, I think I actually love it! It was surprising to me because most my friends who had quit their jobs were not quite pleased with what they were paid to do. I thought it would probably most likely happen to me when I started my career but no! To my greatest surprise, I felt the opposite! It wasn’t like I can’t stop working like a workaholic. I love working on it because it was exactly the direction I am heading to. It gave me room to innovate. It challenges me to solve real problems within a time limit. It allows me to grow and to learn from others and share with them what I know as a team.

It was a rewarding experience overall, although we all know that nothing in life is perfect. I’ll keep my mind simple and trust God to lead me to where I need to be. At the meantime, I’ll enjoy the most of life God has intended for me live in. It was a privilege, and I would love for everyone to know that the best life God has in storage for you is more than what you could ever imagine.

If you don’t know what He has for you yet, I think you should find out now.

Ph.D. in Economics with interests in Life Science, Behavioral Science, Health Economics Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment. Executive MBA student at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in Hong Kong, graduating in 2020.

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