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Did Einstein say that time is relative? Gravity we experience is due to the space bending around the earth, and in a black hole time stops?

Relativity – what a genius and wonderful discovery that is! Every time when I think about time, I always wonder how truthful this theory is to ordinary people like us in our everyday life. It’s said, perhaps joked, by the scientist himself that everyone could experience it, but was it just a joke or something deeper than what we take it was?

Maybe it was just me, but frankly speaking, my personal experience has convinced me that Einstein’s theory which is found true to our universe is also true to our mind. I believe, without exaggeration, there IS a universe in everyone’s mind, and therefore, time also.

Do you not remember the time when you meditate or concentrate on a thought or a person with all your attention that the whole world stopped and yet you are fully alive in the presence of what your mind was focusing on?

I benefited tremendously from such level of concentration facing challenges at times when it was considered a mission impossible, but even that, I still suspect that I was simply scratching the surface of what our mind could do.

Going back to relativity that I have experienced, a proper analogy can be described by what we see from an airplane. When we look outside the window when an airplane takes off from the ground or right before it’s landing, we see a panoramic view of the whole city in a way that as if it is a movie played in slow-motion, while on the contrary, we are soaring in the air at hundreds of miles per hour.

This experience, if you paid thoughts to it, might cause some levels of doubts or conflicts with what we considered as common sense, because the time experienced by an individual and the time that is supposed to govern the rest of the world are not synchronized.  It feels as if we are driving through the highway in our own lane whereas the rest of the world is stuck in a traffic jam, going nowhere. Are we having two different dimensions of time in the same world???

This is not science-fiction I’m talking about, it is what we can, at least I did, experience with our own mind.

Believe it or not, mind is POWERFUL, more so than knowledge itself, because I believe, there would be no knowledge if there was no human mind.

When I was a child, I was inspired by a study I stumbled upon saying that only 2% of human brain is utilized. I kept this memory with me ever since…

For some reasons, I didn’t follow up with the study. But the notion that we still have a long way to go before truly tapping into the power of human mind were truly ingrained in me growing up. Honestly, I still don’t think I’ve gone very far in my own exploration of the other 98% of my potential.

Recent scientific research found out that our brain has shown amazing ability to repair and restructure itself at any point in life, not just what we used to believe between age 4 to 11… This gives me hope because it never too late! 🙂 And yet, I often felt that we are underestimating what our mind is capable of by simply treating it as a box – a storage place for information and memories. The idea of education, at least in the country where I grew up from, is built upon such a notion that we need to fill our mind up with knowledge of all kinds, before it runs out of space or loses its agility.

It is natural for us to simplify things so that we don’t over think about things… our mind has this tendency called heuristics. But don’t miss the opportunity to probe a little deeper of what’s in your mind. We may discover something beyond our imagination, and reach what’s beyond Einstein, beyond black hole. and better yet, beyond all things visible in this universe, like dark matter (I’m just guessing. :)). Forget about running out of space, or aging… I think there’s a lot of idle space in our mind than we can possible use.

My friend – Don’t limit yourself.

Ph.D. in Economics with interests in Life Science, Behavioral Science, Health Economics Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment. Executive MBA student at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in Hong Kong, graduating in 2020.

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