Back To The Start Where It Has All Begun

I was a bit embarrassed today when a recruiter asked me for a recent writing sample. I was embarrassed to know that I have no publications to show for besides tons of company’s presentations slides, unfinished technical notes, and a ridiculously long list of other people’s publications I have read throughout the recent years.

With no much options, I resort to my PhD research and extracted a few pages from the first chapter of my dissertation – which I never thought was good enough to be published. I read it again for the first time after many years since it was completed in 2012 and here you go – I am back to where it has all begun.

Ph.D. in Economics with interests in Life Science, Behavioral Science, Health Economics Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment. Executive MBA student at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in Hong Kong, graduating in 2020.

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