True Health – A Prelude

It’s inspiring to read the work of Dr. Harvey Bigelsen (1940-2019) who discovered meaningful holographic images in live blood using dark-field microscopy. Dr. B dedicated 40 years of his life in healing and restoring human health as a trauma and eye surgeon, and spent the last decade organizing his research findings, thoughts, and wrote everything down in his book Holographic Blood, which I believe was a ground-breaking work in modern medicine and is especially critical in addressing today’s global health crisis which may well be interpreted as the consequence of past one-hundred-year’s medical fraud.

His research resonates with what I have been reading along the years while working as a health economics and outcome researcher in the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, where all clinical development processes and information assimilation were tightly controlled and monitored by health authorities. In contrast, little information is provided to healthy people on why and how they get sick in the first place. While I’m supportive of regulating medical products and practices for the protection of patient safety and incentives to innovate, it is harmful, however, to suppress helpful information and research activities that add to the existing medical knowledge, may well benefit patients or even cure diseases, simply because such methods do not follow the predominant medical guidelines and protocols. Just like what Dr. B has quoted at the beginning of this book:

“a true researcher is like a hunter, he goes out knowing what he’s searching for, however, he has no idea what he will find once he is out there. – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986)

It’s biased, if not outright fraudulent, when a researcher cherry-pick her results just to fit in a political agenda that serves special interests of a few. Unfortunately, we may find many brilliant minds like Dr. B who’s scientific method deviates from so-called “guidelines” getting attacked and ostracized from their community. Although Dr. B is no longer with us today, it’s not too late, however, to start putting all the missing pieces together to correct the heavy biases that have systematically misled medical professionals in their practice of modern medicines.

In the passages that follow, I would like to provide as much as I can, an organized view on true health and cause of illnesses by connecting the dots and sharing my learning from thought leaders in the fields of endocrinology, nutrition, microbiology, oncology, and alternative medicines. I would also like to discuss ideas that can help us better deal with the current crisis, and avoid some of the deadliest threats facing humanity.

Ph.D. in Economics with interests in Life Science, Behavioral Science, Health Economics Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment. Executive MBA student at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in Hong Kong, graduating in 2020.

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