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True Health – The Answer Is In The Blood

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created … all is transformed.

Nothing is the prey of death. All is the prey of life.”

Antoine Bechamp

Ever heard of the saying – there is no waste in nature? Considering how every species of the world lives, Mother Nature seems to have its own way of creating “order” out of “chaos”. It does so by self-balancing, self-cleaning and re-cycling of biological waste, in support of all life on earth.

Humans, with only 5,000 years of written history, probably haven’t remembered history long enough to fully appreciate the mighty force of mother nature, although many would find it intuitive to understand such notion that human biology is a part of a larger ecosystem and therefore subject to the same laws of nature as everything else. Surprisingly, however, such principle wasn’t understood so well by the practitioners of allopathic modern medicine, who hold the belief that toxic man-made chemicals which kill all living things can somehow bring health and wellness to humans. Note that they have not cured one single chronic diseases and people are only getting sicker and sicker by the day. According to a series of books published by Harris L. Coulter in the late 1970s, Divided Legacy (I-IV), there were two opposing philosophies in medical science in the history, namely, Empiricism and Rationalism. The empiricists, believes that the physical body has its innate intelligence and self-healing mechanism to flush out poisons, detoxify and heal, for instance, diarrhea; while the rationalists, believes that the physical body is a perfect machine, and diarrhea is a functional problem therefore must be stopped. The two branches of philosophies further divided into two opposing camps in medical practice. The modern medicine following rationalism, practices allopathic medicine; while alternative therapists following empiricism, practices homeopathic or natural medicine. If medical establishment can choose one type of medical practices versus the other, in a private healthcare system, the most profitable choice will win. And if we can roughly equate the economic cost of disease burden with total revenue of pharmaceutical industry from sales of medical products, you get the idea which treatment modality of medical practice is more likely to be favored by the establishment. This is what happened in the early 20th century when Rockefeller monopolized western medical industry. You may find more info on this from How Rockefeller Created the Business of Western Medicine.

Now with COVID-19 scare, misinformation plus ‘false-teaching‘ of cell biology, immunology, and microbiology, the massive injection fraud as Katherine Austin Fitts has stated it, will take a huge toll on innocent lives, millions in numbers, if people remain silent, uninformed, and worse, misinformed about what they are getting into, and who is ultimately responsible for the damage when it occurs.

Former NIH virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits has written several books about the corruption she has witnessed in the medical industry and MIT trained biologist and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Kaufman have also spoken openly about his personal experience and strong opinion on vaccine safety, infectious diseases, and the pandemic. Though these two doctors disagreed on whether any virus has been ‘isolated’, they both voted against injection of any sort of foreign particles and DNA/RNA strains into your body, as that will confuse your immune system and either cause a higher rate of anti-body dependent enhancement of your immune response in the coronavirus case, or a multitude of autoimmune diseases and cancers otherwise. More on this subject later.

Let me go back to Dr. Harvey Bigelsen. He talked in great length about a phenomenon called pleomorphism based on the discoveries of Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908), and Gunther Enderlein (1872-1968). Monomorphism, I learned, was the dominant idea held by most microbiologists even to this day. In the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bechamp and Dr. Enderlein, The Blood and its Third Element and Bacteria Cyclogeny, they discovered a basic microorganism ubiquitous to all living things. They named it ‘microzyma‘ and ‘mychit‘ respectively. By observing living organisms under dark-field microscope, observed that microzyma possessed pleomorphic characteristics, working in harmony with the entity, not confrontationally. Enderlein also observed the same pattern and described how each species of bacterium strives to exist in balance with other beings in its environment. Dr. Gaston Naessen went further and invented his somatoscope, a microscope that allows researcher to observe the smallest living things at a higher resolution than any other microscope we had, a tiny body his called ‘somatids‘ in live blood samples. The entire pleomorphic cycles were observed, as illustrated below:

You may also listen to Dr. Naessen talks about his work here:

Though some are skeptical about somatid’s claims due to lack of the right equipment supporting independent studies, more and more researchers are able to find partial evidence that supports the claim of pleomorphism. For example, McLaughlin, et al published on Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2002, titled “Are There Natural Occurring Pleomorphic Bacteria in the Blood of Healthy Humans?” describing the observation of pleomorphic bacteria in healthy human blood. What if Bechamp was right all along? Vexman’s Thought posted on this topic with a broad coverage of this line of research history, which I highly recommend anyone who are interested in getting informed and getting healthier to read and share.

Another great researcher and medical doctor worth noting here is Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985). He is well known for inventing homotoxicology as an alternative / complementary medicine to conventional medicine.

The term Homotoxicology is derived from three words; “homo” meaning man, “toxico” derived from toxin or poison, and finally “logy”, derived from the Greek ‘logos’, meaning study. To summarize, we can describe Homotoxicology as the study of the influence of toxic substances on humans.

In homotoxicology, illness is defined as:

the expression of biologically purposeful defense mechanisms against endogenous and exogenous homotoxins, or the expression of the organism’s effort to compensate for toxic damage it has sustained.

According to this definition, and what was understood about microzyma, mychit, or somatids in its natural pleomorphic nature, the real culprit of ill health is unlikely a “deadly virus” but the cumulative toxic load one’s body has carried internally. This Homotoxicosis Table developed by Reckeweg demonstrated in details and by anatomic structure, how toxins lead to disease symptoms in 6 phases.

I’d like to end with another quote:

The specific disease doctrine is the grand refuge of weak, uncultured, unstable minds, such as now rule in the medical profession. There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions.

Florence Nightingale


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