Could everything be a part of an engineered social experiment?

Symbolism has been used throughout human history, in ancient languages as well as in art and religion. But when cryptic symbolism was coded in modern art format, like the animation showing here, it becomes suspicious and threatening, when the hidden message appears to be a prophecy for a disastrous future of all mankind. Whether it was meant for good or ill intentions, it may as well be seen as pure “entertainment” or a part of massive social experiment on how people learn/unlearn about certain facts when they contradict with what was previously known. It makes sense to have such “training” exercises, to a certain extent, when most humans are too per-occupied or “hypnotized” by everyday life and losing their ability to think, learn, stay healthy, stay sharp to survive this day and age. We need to be “trained” for mental clarity, agility, and flexibility, knowing that it is the best strategy for all situations and the best outcome possible, should any of the predicted events coincide with our future reality.

It’s worth mentioning, the director of the film I, pet goat II, Louis Lefebvre is a Canadian evolutionary neurobiologist – who has a special interest in how intelligent animals are… I guess by creating this film, he has considered humans to be animals also.